Financial Accounting

Having accurate, up to date financial information is vital for businesses of all sizes, particularly small businesses, so having the right accountant is an important factor for the success of your business.

We provide a complete range of accountancy services for SME’s whether operating as a sole trader, partnership or limited company.


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Accounts & Compliance

Helping you to prepare and manage your yearly financial statements and company office compliance.

Maintaining an accurate set of accounts is not only essential to ensure the success and viability of your business, it is a legal obligation. For limited companies, there are additional obligations that need to be met every year and by strict deadlines. With constantly changing rules, it is vital to have the support and guidance of a qualified accountant you can trust.


Helping you to find efficiencies and reliefs while complying with legal requirements.

Efficiently managing your tax obligations should form an integral part of your financial strategy. Our team can help identify reliefs and efficiencies while helping to ensure legal compliance with the following:

  • Corporation Tax
  • Income Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Tax planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Revenue Audits

Management Accounts

Helping you plan for sustainable growth while identifying any problems before they escalate.

Many business owners put off delving into the details of financial management, it is often not their strong point, but a good accountant can help you understand your finances as well as assisting with preparing budgets, cash flows and key performance measurement tools.

This is not something that should only happen once a year when your year end financial statements are prepared, instead it should be done monthly or quarterly so as to highlight potential problems before they escalate.

Budgeting and cashflow forecasting

Setting realistic targets and helping you to meet them.

Budgeting and forecasting allow a business to plan for the future, whether that is for the year ahead, the next 3 or 5 years. We will formulate budgets and forecasts which you can then use as a tool to measure your performance. This will clearly identify areas where the business deviates from the plan (for good or bad) and therefore will help better decisions to be made in order to maximise sustainable growth.

Business Start-Ups

The essential advice and support needed to get a new business of the ground and on the right footing.

We provide advice on the most appropriate structure for your business (i.e sole trader, partnership or limited company) before assisting with registering a business name or incorporating a limited company. We will then ensure that the business is correctly registered with revenue under the relevant tax heads and assist in setting up ROS (Revenue On Line) access.

We will help prepare business plans and financial projections, helping not only with the management of the company but giving you the tools to seek grant or investment funding. We will advise on the most appropriate accounting and related software systems and assist in setting up journals etc.


Grants, Funding and Financial Supports

Helping you identify and apply for grants or funding which may be available for your business.

Within Ireland there are many supports given to SMEs. We at O’Dwyer Power can advise on the potential grants that may be available to your business, what you need in order to qualify and then assist you in completing the application.

In relation to funding, we can advise on the different areas of funding available (from banks to Government bodies) and provide you with any assistance you may need when preparing the funding application, from the business plan to the financial projections.