Professional accounting firm, O’Dwyer Power has launched its dedicated cloud accountancy service. A low maintenance, cost saving solution for small businesses trying to manage all of their accountancy in one place. Cloud accounting was once a future concept but now it is here. More than ever we are ready to adopt a wholesome online approach to managing our businesses.

Now that we are familiar with social distancing, businesses are rethinking their processes and we are forced to adapt or fall behind the times. Tailored specifically to small and medium sized organisations, the solutions provide a way for us to overcome any hindrance caused by remote working. Accessing your accounts anywhere, at any time, even from home, has become paramount. Therefore, making the transition to the cloud has never been more relevant.

Combining years of in-depth experience with a thorough knowledge of all levels of accountancy, O’Dwyer Power have adopted cloud solutions of Xero, QuickBooks and others on behalf of their clients. “We have enjoyed embracing technology and our clients are seeing the benefits as well as learning how to manage their expenses on the go. It is a win win solution for everyone” says Billy, founder of O’Dwyer Power Business Advisors.

The cloud solution gives you control over your expenses and allows you to keep track of all accounting activity within your business. With our cloud accounting services you can work smarter and use your time wisely and more efficiently and manage all of your accounts and expenses in one place.

Billy outlines the O’Dwyer Power strategy for adapting to life in the cloud, “Our aim is to be the leader in cloud accountancy advice. We are offering this as part of our overall advice package. We don’t want to replace the long-standing relationships we have with our current clients, instead we will offer a combination of one-to-one consultancy with cloud software packages to boost productivity”.

Designed to cater for SMEs and small businesses of all kinds, cloud accounting is the future for managing all of your ongoing business finances, including expenses, payroll, invoices and payments.

Another benefit of cloud accounting is that it reduces the amount of paperwork required so there will be no need for copious amounts of paper clogging up filing cabinets. In the cloud, all of your documents are backed up and you will have access to your data whenever you need it.
The many elements of business accounting can seem overwhelming. By breaking these components down into manageable everyday items and weekly tracking, O’Dwyer Power Accountants take the headache out of managing your business accounts.

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